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    Founded by DJ & producer Sacha Robotti, musically affiliated with Dirtybird and Desert Hearts out of LA, in partnership with graphic & fashion designer Jermane Miles, Slothacid is an internationally operating brand based in California. Taking off at the end of 2018, the Slothacid apparel line aims at collaborating with artists from all disciplines while also giving back to rescue sloths in the wild.

    “Since I’ve used this sloth logo that my friend Mikal Brucken designed for my warehouse parties in LA a couple of years ago, the sloth has mutated itself into a spirit animal that has been increasingly associated with my artist persona, even though I didn't plan or push this at all at the beginning. Now fans tag me in sloth pix everyday, wear sloth onesies to shows, or gift me sloth swagger! 

    Sloths are an endangered species of friendly, chill creatures who like to sleep a lot and seem to live happily in the moment — qualities I can relate to, especially today in our performance-driven society.

    The legend goes that magic sloth candy blew minds during my set at Desert Hearts Festival 2017, and the term 'Slothacid' was coined. I then started calling the style of electronic music that I like to play out at festivals and clubs 'Slothacid': a mix of groovy, emotional, weird, psychedelic sounds with tough beats that hopefully will take you on a journey through space-time.”

    - Sacha Robotti