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    “Daemon exists in the background, unknown to the primary user, somewhere between the infinite and personal perception. Daemon embeds itself in the technology between the quantum mind and human experience.”
    - Eights Everywhere

    Sacha Robotti
    Slothacid imprint continues to carve an impressive niche for itself by providing a platform for tomorrow’s talent with another weighty release, this time in the shape of the acid-tinged “Daemon EP" by the mysterious producer hailing from Utah Eights Everywhere.

    Out August 28th, the two-track EP kicks off with “Daemon” - a dark, Techno cut that is brimming with analogue synthwork layered over a rolling groove. Sparse percussion compliments the stripped-back electronica and summons the memory of a darkened dancefloor - if you’re looking for the perfect example of a club-ready track, this is it.

    Completing the release is the impactful “Acid Elbow” which steps things up a gear even if it goes down in tempo - it's designed to rattle the ears with a low-end bassline that drips in suspense. As the track builds, effects and industrial synths make way for the anticipated 303-style acid sounds which as always, are the star of the show and promise to keep dancers hypnotised to the very last beat.

    “Much of the inspiration behind Daemon & Acid Elbow comes from experiences at Burningman, Desert Hearts, Symbiosis, & Lightning in a Bottle. I think I might have actually first met label boss Sacha at Burningman after a close friend of mine had said I should connect with him over music. He's such an approachable down to Earth person with a good heart it definitely makes releasing this music under Slothacid feel all that much better.”
    Eights Everywhere

    Check out the "Daemon" premiere on www.6amgroup.com


    Track list:

    A - Daemon
    B - Acid Elbow

    SLO008 released on Friday 8/28.

    Stream / Buy:

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