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    Intro: Third Culture aka Sacha Robotti & Sian

    Intro: Third Culture aka Sacha Robotti & Sian

    "As two foreigners in every land, Sacha and Sian bring a new vision to life, carved out by their experiences in club culture around the world, their unusual take on heavy hitting club weapons brings an electrifying debut into the haze of nightlife."

    Over the past few years, Sacha has been producing and playing music that ranges from house to disco to tech house to darker and faster music from electro to techno - all of which are reflecting his moods and interests in dance music in a non-limiting way.

    In 2022, to put names to the different sounds he's interested in, he'll be expanding and releasing under new aliases besides his Sacha Robotti name, as well as teaming up with other artists he loves & respects for new projects, to provide fresh new music. This is one of them.

    The first EP "In The Dark" came out on Sian's label Octopus Recordings at the beginning of 2022 - available for streaming and download now:


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